September Students of the Month


Joseph H.

Joseph is doing well and can already read and write. I’m proud of him for all of his hard work and look forward to seeing him grow this year.

Jaziah C.

Jaziah is consistent in displaying our STRETCH principles. She is respectful, hardworking and maintains self- control over her own body.

Dominic B.

Dominic diligently follows classroom rules and procedures with competence. He completes age appropriate task with tenacity and strive to improve his inner independence.


Keimay'ah G.

Keimay'ah displays the STRETCH principles each day. Specifically, she shows self-control in class. She is always on task, raises her hand when she has something to say and is an active listener during carpet time. She also displays the hard working principle. She takes pride in her school work and is very intelligent. She is also thoughtful and kind to those around her and her teachers.

Shareef A.


Shareef has made the most improvement since the very first day of school! Shareef came in kindergarten not knowing how to write his name, and now is writing his first and last name! He has a tenacious spirit and has proven himself to be very HARDWORKING! He is SELF-CONTROLLED and RESPONSIBLE when he is completing his work. He is also very EMPATHETIC and kind to his friends! For all these reasons, Shareef makes a wonderful role-model and student of the month!

Valerie R.

Valerie consistently demonstrates STRETCH principles throughout each day. She is hard working as she completes work quietly and carefully in a timely manner. She is also conscientious of her fellow classmates by helping others when they are having trouble opening their snacks or completing their work. She plays kindly with others.

First Grade

Mikhail J.

Mikhail consistently practices and applies the STRETCH principles every day. He can always be counted on to make a good choice no matter what the situation. He loves helping out friends when they need a reminder and does it in a kind way. He tries his best every day and it shows in the quality of work he submits.

Shaniya C.

Shaniya is a very respectful student. She follows all directions and participates in class. She also always tries her hardest. She is a pleasure to have in my class.

Lizmary F.

Lizmary is a wonderful member of our classroom community. She is thoughtful, patient and hard working. She is very supportive. She often helps her classmates regain focus during lessons with kind words and gentle reminders. She is very empathetic and her friendships in our classroom are sincere. I feel so lucky to have Lizmary as a student in my class!

Second Grade

Kendal S.

Kendal has been working very hard on both reading and math. She continues to challenge herself academically on a daily basis. In addition, she has completed all of her homework. Kendal has been a kind friend and has cared for others in our classroom.

Deborah J.

Deborah STRETCHES to the top every day. She always comes to school ready to learn and is a conscientious student. She is excellent in completing all tasks in classroom and brings in her homework regularly. She is very respectful to her teachers and her classmates at all times. She is very kind and helpful to her peers. She is very thoughtful when it comes to keeping our classroom clean and bringing our playground equipment back without any reminder. She has had a wonderful start in second grade and way to go Deborah!

Third Grade

Nina H.

Nina is a role model for the whole class. She is always tracking the teacher and talks only when appropriate. Nina has improved in her multiplication skills this past month and has been working hard on learning division.

Christin R.


Christin is a premiere example of academic/behavioral success in the Tubman classroom. She exhibits the STRETCH principles of NBFA on a consistent basis. Christin has completed every homework assignment since her entry into the classroom. She also goes above and beyond to aid her classmates with various tasks and assignments.

Nevaeha C.

Nevaeha practices the STRETCH principles daily. She comes in to school ready and willing to work hard and gives her best effort each day to complete her work. Her efforts are sincere, and she demonstrates positive interactions with all people in school.

Fourth Grade

Mekayla M.

Mekayla is always on task, sets a wonderful example, and is kind to her peers. She is helpful and I enjoy spending my day with her.

Kobe B.

Kobe continues to do a fantastic job daily, whether it be a social or academic engagement I know I can count on Kobe to represent each STRETCH principle to the absolute best of this ability.

Fifth Grade

Nina M.
nina marrone

Nina has continuous drive for perfection in her education. Nina comes to school each day ready to learn with work in hand and armed with questions from the previous day’s lesson or homework. Nina also practices our STRETCH principles in all of her academic and social affairs while in school. Nina is a role model everyday she enters the building.

Jada T.

Jada has been a model student for our S.T.R.E.T.C.H principles since the school year has started. She works hard to complete classroom and homework activities to the best of her ability. She also uses her free time to help classmates who have difficulties completing their work. Keep up the great work Jada!!!

Sixth Grade

Brianna L.

Brianna is hard-working and has a pleasant personality. She walks in each day with a smile and is kind with everyone that she encounters. She goes out of her way to help and is a leader amongst her peers. She is tenacious and does her homework every single day.

Gelan E.

Gelan is truly a shining star! He is always an active participant in all of his academics.He always strives to find the best within himself and others. I am proud to recognize Gelan as the Student of the Month for September. I know that he will have continued success in 6th grade because of his eagerness to learn and commitment to education!

Seventh & Eighth Grade

Myla M.

Myla is a person of good character. Through her actions, Myla has shown herself to be responsible, conscientious and thoughtful. One day, Myla took it upon herself to collect her classmates’ lunch cards after lunch and place them in their basket. No one asked her to do that. Thank you, Myla, for being so helpful and considerate. Myla comes to school prepared – her homework is done and she is ready to begin her day. She participates regularly in class and does not give up easily when solving problems or trying to explain her reasoning. Congratulations, Myla. Keep up the great work!

Abby D.

Abby is consistently consistent! Not only is she a great student – completes all her work, is focused and thoughtful – but she is a great person. She lives up to all the STRETCH principles every day!

Samuel R.

Samuel consistently displays a positive, hard-working, responsible, and respectful attitude. He has consistently been displaying all of the STRETCH principles and is a great example of what it means to be a student at NBFA.

Javin H.

Javin comes to school each day with a smile on his face and an attitude that says, “I am ready for challenges!” Javin is doing well in all of his classes, but, more importantly, he is a good citizen of NBFA every day. There is a saying that true character is doing what is right even when no one is watching. That is Javin. I am very proud of him!