NBFA Food Services

Free Summer Meals in the Community

Nutritious free meals are available for children and teens 18 and younger at many locations throughout the nation throughout the summer while school is out of session.

Bridgeport Sites: coming soon

Student Meal Account Status

Is your child's meal account up-to-date? 
To check the status of your account visit www.myschoolaccount.com
*Set up an account
*Make payments
*View account balances

Questions? Call 203.384.2897 x105

Birthday Celebration Guidelines

Are you planning to host a celebration at school for your child? Review this list of guidelines to ensure that celebrations are healthy and safe for all of our students. 

NBFA’s Healthy Food Policy

 As you were all made aware, NBFA adopted a health and wellness policy that prohibits sweet snacks, processed junk food and sugary drinks. We don’t serve them and they are not allowed in the building, as explained during Open House and as outlined in the Student and Family Handbook. Nevertheless, students are showing up daily with big bags of junk food – cookies, cakes, potato chips, cheese doodles, Takis, etc. – and eating them throughout the building. Some of these processed products are made in factories with nuts, which put a number of our students at great risk due to allergies. Please do not allow your children to bring junk food to school. If we see it, it will be confiscated. At New Beginnings Family Academy, we strive to keep all children safe from physical assaults and food allergies triggered by junk foods. Please help us by speaking with your children and disallowing these behaviors. Thank you so much! 

Wellness Policy

Lunch Menus 2016-17


  • Pre-K Breakfast Menu
  • Pre-K Lunch Menu
  • K-8 Breakfast Menu
  • K-8 Lunch Menu
  • All School Snack Menu


  • Pre-K Breakfast Menu
  • Pre-K Lunch Menu
  • K-8 Breakfast Menu
  • K-8 Lunch Menu
  • All School Snack Menu