October Students of the Month


Mariano R.

Mariano Rivera has been selected as the Seuss room Student of the Month. Mariano follows classroom rules, and he pays attention all the time. Mariano is empathetic with his peers. Mariano always comes to school. Congratulations Mariano! Keep up the good work!

Amirah B.

Amirah is an excellent choice for student of the month because she exemplifies so many good qualities for other students to emulate. She is always polite to staff and considerate of her friends. She is an excellent listener, very helpful towards others, always kind, and is very willing to work and collaborate to solve problems. She shows tenacity in completing her work.

Terri RP.

Terri completes work with tenacity.  Terri strives to clean up all learning centers that she has engaged in and assists her peers in clean up procedures.  She has worked hard to listen and follow classroom rules.  


Nelson S.

Nelson displays the STRETCH principles of Self-control by always following directions, staying on task and always raising a quiet hand. He also shows the STRETCH principle of Hard Working as he comes in every day ready to learn and always completes his work with care. He loves to participate. He is also empathetic and kind to others each day. He also responsible and tries his best to make the right decisions. He is kind and sweet and loves school.

Edelys J.

Edelys has been a model student since the first day of kindergarten as she demonstrates our S.T.R.E.T.C.H. principles daily. She is always hardworking and focused doing her personal best every day. Her writing is always neat and her drawings are completed to the very last detail. She is a thoughtful friend and is always lending a helping hand at her table. She is very conscientious and responsible. She exhibits self-control even in difficult situations. Edelys always comes to school with a smile on her face and is always excited to learn! 

Jacob G.

Jacob consistently demonstrates STRETCH principles throughout each day.  He is hard working as he completes work quietly and carefully in a timely manner.  He is also very thoughtful and can be found helping others.  He encourages his friends to make good choices. He plays kindly with others. 

First Grade

Serenity M.

Serenity was chosen as Student of the Month for her growth in practicing and applying the STRETCH principles, specifically the hard working principle.  She comes in each day with a smile on her face ready to learn for the day. She tries her best and during those times when she feels like she just can’t do it she applies some strategies to help her regroup and always finishes her work.  

Jayden S.

Jayden’s work ethic has improved greatly since the beginning of the school year. He is working more independently and is not afraid to make mistakes. He has demonstrated the STRETCH principles of being Hard Working and Tenacious. That means he tries his best and doesn’t give up. Those are important qualities for a student to have. 

Caiden F.

Caiden is a kind, responsible and thoughtful child. He is an incredibly hard worker who enjoys participating. Caiden takes his academics seriously but he also has a wonderful sense of humor. Caiden makes us smile every day. He cares for his friends and his friends look up to him. We feel so lucky to have lovely Caiden in our classroom. 

Second Grade

Azariah H.

Azariah has been a caring friend to his classmates. He has done an excellent job completed his classwork and homework on time. He always comes to school prepared to do his best work. He motivates other students to make good choices and consistently demonstrates the STRETCH principles.

Destiny  C.

Destiny consistently STRETCHES  to the top and she makes great choices every day. She comes to class ready to learn  and with a smile on her face every day. She  has been a role model to our class in following directions and completing all classroom tasks. She is very respectful to her teachers and her peers. She is  very thoughtful and  is a good friend to all her peers. Way to Go Destiny ! Very proud of you!

Third Grade

Dazanique K.

Dazanique has worked so hard this month. She has handed in her homework every night and has excelled in writing. She uses great vocabulary in her stories and works quietly. Dazanique is a role model for the whole school!

Hudsana P.

Hudsana Polynice practices the STRETCH principles daily.  She demonstrates the motivation to learn and the determination to do her best. Her positive attitude towards adults and students is commendable, and she is always willing to help both in and out of the classroom. 

Tiarah C.

Tiarah  is a premiere example of academic/behavioral success. Tiarah is consistent with increasing her knowledge regarding various subjects in the classroom, through asking questions and expanding the discussion with a teacher/peer. She has demonstrated maturity, responsibility, and academic growth this month. The Tubman class would like to congratulate Tiarah as our Student of the Month. 

Fourth Grade

Timothy W.

Timothy has worked very hard and has improved his behavior greatly.  He has shown excellent strides in self-control, being a team player, and being responsible in the classroom.  He also puts his best foot forward and tries hard to complete the tasks given to him both in and out of the classroom.

Aaron B.

Aaron is consistently calm and level headed. He is an extremely hard worker, and always thinks before he acts. He is truly a role model for everyone in the class, academically and socially. Keep up the good work Aaron!

Fifth Grade

Carlos V.
Carlos consistently displays Tenacity and Self-Control.  Carlos tackles all difficult tasks head on and doesn’t back down until he conquers it.  Over the past month I have witnessed Carlos in various situations where most would have not reacted as calmly as Carlos did. His display of self -control is exemplary! Carlos is a role model for all students and it gives me pleasure to make him October’s student of the month.

Celina G.

Celina is a hard worker and she strives for the best each and every day.  She is consistent in her work habits, completing her homework every night and applying 100% effort to her classwork.  She is kind and empathetic to all of her peers, always offering help if someone is in need. 

Sixth Grade

Ashanti G.

Ashanti is a hard worker and always comes out on top academically and socially. She gets along with all of her peers and is rarely involved in conflict. In her academics, she is a solid A student and always is willing to help others and her teacher. She is a great asset to her peers and her teacher. I am honored to present her with November student of the month.

Jeremiah R.

Jeremiah is new to NBFA, but persistent and consistently upholds ALL of the STRETCH principles. He stands out as a role model and a leader. Jeremiah always has a positive and uplifting attitude towards learning and life itself. He is very respectful to all staff and students and is willing to help anyone in need. He has great work habits including willingness to learn new concepts and sticking with tasks that are challenging. These qualities and superb character traits make Jeremiah an excellent choice for Student of the Month!  Congratulations Jeremiah! Keep up the great work!

Seventh & Eighth Grade

Kevin G.

Kevin is a very responsible and conscientious student, and he takes his education seriously. He comes to school on time, prepared and ready to learn. Kevin is well-behaved, he participates regularly in class, and completes his homework and classwork. Kevin is definitely on his road to higher learning and success in whatever field he chooses. 

Brianna M.

Brianna is an exemplary student. She works hard, always tries to do her best and is always pleasant. While she has a quiet demeanor, underneath she is a powerhouse! She deserves this.

Kaylin C.

Kaylin strives to demonstrate the STRETCH principles daily.  Kaylin is a hard-working student who consistently strives for excellency in all that she does.  Kailyn is trustworthy and has repeatedly demonstrated her willingness to help others.  Additionally, Kaylin continually demonstrates her desire to deepen her knowledge by asking questions and not settling when she does not understand something. Congratulations Kaylin on your well-deserved award.

Michael C.

Each day, Michael greets all of his classmates and teachers with a wide, smile filled, “Hello!”  He is eager to learn how everyone is as they walk through the door.  He goes through his day, not only doing all he needs to academically, but also interacting with his classmates positively and happily. He seeks to help.  He is the epitome of a great friend and a great human being. Albert Einstein says, “ Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”  Well, Einstein would have loved to have Michael Curry in his circle.  

Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez