January Students of the Month


Anthony A.

anthonyAnthony has been selected as the Seuss room Student of the Month of January. 
Anthony consistently demonstrates STRETCH principles in the classroom. He follows classroom rules and expectations, and he displays a positive attitude towards learning. He is an excellent listener and he likes to collaborate with his peers in the classroom. Anthony is respectful to peers and teachers. Anthony displays an expanding expressive vocabulary in the classroom. Anthony just moved to level 1 DRA. 
Congratulations Anthony! Keep up the good work!

Elinese T.
elineseElinese exemplifies so many good qualities for other students to emulate. Elinese is a child who demonstrates self-control in all areas. She is a hard-worker who loves to learn and shows tenacity in completing all of her work. She is a quiet, shy and humble child yet she is so giving of herself. She is such a good friend to her peers. She is always thinking of others and willing to help them. But the quality that makes her such a fine role model in the classroom is that that she is always respectful. She not only shows respect to all of the adults in the building; but, also to all of her peers. She likes to make others happy. Congratulations Elinese, you are so deserving of being recognized for your fine qualities consistently displayed in our classroom!

Miranda R.
mirancaMiranda is a great leader.  She is practicing our STRETCH principle of responsibility and demonstrates a reflective outlook on how her actions impact others. 



Ian H.
ianEveryday Ian comes to school with a huge smile on his face! He always tries his best in everything we do, and he has learned so much this year! He is a great friend to all the students in the class; he really cares about his friends! His energetic personality is contagious! Our class is a better place because Ian is part of it!

Sanyrah R.
sanyraI would like to honor Sanyrah Roberson as our January student of the month. Sanyrah is hardworking and comes to school every day ready to learn and participate. She shows self-control each day by raising a quiet hand, being an active listener on the carpet and by following directions. She is kind to those around her and works well with others. She always has a smile on her face and brightens up our classroom each day. 


Joseph P.
josephJoseph consistently demonstrates STRETCH principles throughout each day.  He is hard working as he completes work quietly and carefully in a timely manner, which has been a big improvement from the beginning of the year.  Joseph is thoughtful and is always willing to help others.   He gets along well with others both on the playground and in math and reading centers.  He has become a great leader in the classroom and participates in our learning discussions respectfully.  


First Grade

Hanique B. 
haniqueHan'ique has a wonderful sense of humor. He is kind, hardworking and full of joy. He is always willing to help a friend and his teachers. Han’ique is a leader in our classroom. He is honest, confident and bright. Because of these qualities, we believe that he will make a fabulous politician someday! We are so lucky to have Han’ique as a member of our classroom community. 

Charles C.
charlesCharles was chosen as the January Student of the Month because he has been working hard on really practicing the STRETCH principles in our classroom each and every day.  Charles is a student who has made a significant improvement in being Responsible in the classroom since the beginning of the school year.  He loves to be a teacher helper and enjoys helping his friends.  Seeing Charles make better and better choices each day really shows me the hard work he is putting into being the best student he can be.  For these reasons Charles has been chosen as Student of the Month!

Marlon B.
marlonMarlon is student of the month for being empathetic. Whenever a friend in our class is upset, Marlon is always there to cheer them up. When a friend is crying he rubs them on the back, gets tissues, and tells them that it will be ok. When someone isn’t make a good choice, he tells them in a very kind way what they should be doing. We are lucky to have such a caring friend in our classroom!


Second Grade

Allison  S.

allison Allison is always excited and eager to study new things. She is an exceptional reader and loves challenging herself by choosing lengthy chapter books. Her passion for learning is evident and she encourages her classmates to stay focused. Allison has completed her homework every night and she often completes extra credit reading assignments. Alison is a role model not only for our classroom but for our whole school. 

Marcus R.

marcus r Marcus consistently follows the NBFA STRETCH principles.  He brings his homework every single day and enthusiastically participates in all classroom activities. He is always on task and tries his very best in everything he does.    He is very respectful to his teachers and classmates. He enjoys being in school and is well- liked by his peers. He is a kind friend to all. Keep up the excellent work Marcus. 


Third Grade

Alvin R.
alvinAlvin has been chosen as student of the month for the month of January.  Alvin can be depended upon to work well with all of his classmates and is willing to help everyone, such as helping students learn about the different types of rocks. Alvin hands in his homework every day He asks intelligent questions and uses vocabulary words effectively. Alvin attempts above grade level work and will go above and beyond in any subject. Congratulations, Alvin!

Brianna H.
briannaWithout a doubt, I choose Brianna to be student of the month to represent the Ochoa class.  She consistently works hard to do her best each day and completes all assignments with thoughtfulness and dedication.  Her ability to focus is commendable, and she always asks questions when she does not understand a concept or skill taught.   Not only does she shine academically, but has the ability to balance school work with friendships.  Way to go Brianna!


Miles Macklin
milesThis SOM recipient has demonstrated leadership qualities and a growth since his entrance into third grade. He is considered a role model for many in the Tubman classroom, as he is a premiere scholar and ideal friend. We look forward to continuous success from this student as he elevates his academic/behavioral performance for 4th grade. The Tubman class would like to acknowledge Mr. Miles Macklin as our January Student of the Month. 

Fourth Grade

Neveah L.neveah
Neveah has been a pleasure to have in class since the very first day of fourth grade. She has excellent attendance, work ethic, and social skills. Neveah takes tremendous pride in her school work, but goes above and beyond in when it comes to writing and art. She has written plays that have included the whole class and her art work is on display daily. I am proud of her achievements and am excited to see what is to come!

Paris P.

parisParis is a talented and smart student. She completes her work with effort and quality. Paris completes all assignments and is very timely with her work. With the occasional missing homework, she is mostly prepared. Paris hasn’t always been the most organized person, but she has tried her very best not to have her personal belongings everywhere. One of Paris’s strength’s is Math. She often helps others during this time which shows that she can be a leader. So far this year, she has shown great improvement. Specifically with her behavior, while that too is not perfect, she has made great strides. She is able to ignore dramatic situations and immaturity in our class. She can also be helpful in a stressful situation.  I am very proud of her and continue to have great faith in her. Nice work Paris!

Fifth Grade

Julia Z.
julia zJulia is extremely hard working and always puts in her best effort with each task assigned.  She strives for excellence and this is displayed through the quality of her work.  She doesn’t settle until the she achieves her goals, which are set pretty high.  Julia is also very helpful to both her classmates and me. She does jobs around the classroom and assists her peers when they experience challenges.  I can always count on her to make the right choices.  

Julia S.

julia s
Shows self-control all day everyday never losing her cool.
Through the day Julia shows consideration to students and staff.
Responsibility is key to Julia's success, she holds       herself accountable.
Everyday Julia is caring to those around her and has compassion for those in need.
Tackling daily problem is what she does best, no problem is too big for her, she meets them head on.
Completing her work on time with fidelity.
Hardly misses school, always working hard; Julia puts her best foot forward each day

Sixth Grade

K’yanah T.
kyanahK’yanah is hardworking and has a pleasant personality. She walks in each day determined to do better and be better. She tries to avoid conflict and focuses her energy on improving her academic skills. She is worth of January Student of the Month! 

Raushan C.
raushanI am proud to announce the Student of the Month for January.  This student has a very positive, fun and outgoing personality, which is contagious to everyone around him.  He always seems to look on the bright side and makes every day a good day.  He can be depended upon to work well with all of his classmates and is willing to help everyone.  I am very happy and proud to name Raushan Campbell  student of the month for January. 

Seventh Grade

Fortune F.
fortuneFortune was chosen for January student of the month because she is an exemplary student. Fortune displays each one of the STRETCH principles on a daily basis. She is always prepared for class and participates in class discussions. She completes all of her homework and classwork assignments. Fortune helps out in class in any way she can. She is always willing to help her classmates. Fortune always has a smile on her face and brings joy to all of those around her.  

Eighth Grade