March Students of the Month


Jaycob E.

jaycob E Jaycob has been selected as the Seuss room Student of the Month of March. Jaycob consistently demonstrates STRETCH principles in the classroom. Jaycob is hard working as he completes work quietly and carefully.  He is an excellent listener and he follows classroom rules and expectations. Jaycob  displays a positive attitude towards learning. He works well with peers and is a joy to have around. He is respectful to peers and teachers.
Congratulations Jaycob! Keep up the good work!

Ja'mire V.
jamireJa’mire is one of the youngest children in the class and it often showed in his level of maturity. His favorite line was often, “I can’t”, when in actuality he was very capable. Over the last month Ja’mire seemed to learn just how capable he truly was. He became more independent and beginning to use his words more. Ja’mire can now often be heard saying, “Look at what I did”, “I did it” or even, “No, let me try.” I am proud to acknowledge Ja’mire as our student of the month for his demonstration of responsibility, hard work and respect. Congratulations, Ja’mire!


Leighton W.
leightonLeighton continues to demonstrate the STRETCH principle “empathy”. He is thoughtful and reminds his friends to also be thoughtful.  He has worked hard to maintain determination in writing his name accurately and identifying letters and their sounds. Great job Leighton!


Jose L.
joseJose is a very hard worker and doesn’t give up easily.  If something is challenging, he always tries to figure it out by himself first, before asking for help. Jose started the year very shy, but I am so happy to see how he has grown and developed confidence! He is participating more in class and I love to hear him speak up! Jose always makes good choices and follows all the class and school rules! We are so lucky to have Jose in our class!

Akira B.
akiraMy student of the month for April is Akira . Akira is a kind and respectful student who works hard every day that she comes to school. She shows self control each day when she works quietly, raises her hand to ask a question and follows classroom rules. She is hardworking and takes pride in her work. She enjoys reading and practices each day. She is kind to others and her teachers. It has been such a pleasure to have Akira join our class. 

Victoria M.
victoriaVictoria consistently demonstrates STRETCH principles throughout each day.  She is hard working as she completes assignments carefully in a timely manner.  She eagerly participates in classroom learning activities and discussions.  Victoria is a natural leader and a good role model to others.  She is kind to classmates and always willing to help others. 

 First Grade

Jahzara M.
jahzaraJahzara has been chosen as Student of the Month for her consistency in practicing our STRETCH principles each and everyday in school.  She comes in ready to learn and is a very responsible friend.   I can always count on her to help out in the classroom.  Jahzara is also a great example of someone who works hard throughout the school day.  She always puts forth her best work, even if the work is hard she tries her best and then asks a teacher for help if she needs it.  She always has the best attitude not only with her work but also with her friends and that is why Jahzara is the Anthony Class student of the Month!

Qaayyim S.
Qaayyim is our student of the month for being responsible. He’s been coming into our classroom with a huge smile on his face and putting his things away. Qaayyim has been a kind and supportive friend by helping friends calm down and make great choices. He’s also been working extra hard on all of his work and is improving because of this effort! Keep up the great work Qaayyim!


Maliyah P.
maliyah Maliyah is a wonderful friend. She takes care of others and is always willing to help her teachers and friends. She is kind and very hardworking. Maliyah has progressed so much this year. She is a leader in our classroom. She is honest, confident and bright. We are so lucky to have Maliyah as a member of our classroom community. 

Second Grade

Kiley P.

kileyKiley continues to grow academically by challenging herself in the classroom. She is a caring friend and always willing to help others. Her cheerful personality brings a smile to everyone’s face. She is always willing to participate and try new things. She has shared her love for dancing and singing with our class. I am so proud of Kiley for doing her best!  

Rudy S. 
rudyThe student of the week from my class is Rudy. He has STRETCHED to the top consistently in the month of March and he has made great choices every day. He comes to class ready to learn, and with a smile on his face every day. He completes his homework every day . He  has been a role model to our class in following directions and completing all classroom tasks . He has  had fun challenging himself in solving math problems. He is very respectful to the  teachers and his peers. He has been a good friend to all her peers. Way to Go Rudy ! Very proud of you! 

Third Grade

 Ite D.
iteIte is a very kind girl with a very strong work ethic, both in and out of the classroom.  She works hard to do her best and is consistently on task, providing insightful class contributions, and most importantly, always willing to help a fellow students.  It is evident through Ite’s classroom behavior and her outstanding grades that school work is a top priority.  Ite serves as a perfect role model for her fellow classmates. Great work Ite.

Melyssa G.
melyssaI chose Melyssa to be student of the month because she strives to do her best each day both academically and socially.  Her persistent work ethic is commendable and is always ready to answer a question in all areas of the curriculum.  Not only are her answers reflective, but  she uses her ability to critically think to extend her understanding of the subject matter.  Socially, she has come a long way and continues to work on being the best she can be!  Way to go Melyssa.

Luz R.
luz This SOM recipient has presented commendable growth during the last three marking periods in third grade. She has shown great effort in every assignment, positive behavior, and determination to be prepared for 4th grade. This recipient is well liked by her peers, as she always enters the classroom with a smile. She is willing to help in any way possible, just to put a smile on the face of others. We would like to congratulate Luz on receiving student of the month for March.

Fourth Grade

Diana L.
dianaThis month’s students of the month is Diana. Diana is always very excited to be at school, and has a heart of gold. Her positive attitude is contagious and she is always trying her best. Whatever challenge Diana is faced with she overcomes it with hard work and determination, never giving up or letting the situation get the best of her. She is a bright, strong and compassionate young lady and I am confident that the best is yet to come!

Ja'Hani L.
jahaniThe student of the month for Dunbar is Ja'Hani .
Ja'Hani is a very hard working student who cares about her academic work. She is kind to others and tries her best to be a good role model for others. She is someone who takes her role very seriously and works well in a small group setting. 
Ja'Hani participates in class discussions and completes homework on a regular basis. She has a lot of potential and just needs to make sure to focus on overcoming obstacles. 
Great work! 

Fifth Grade

Alexander C.
alexanderI’d like to acknowledge Alex as March’s Student of the month.  Over the last few weeks Alex has been determined to become a better student.  He has been more focused during lessons and works hard to complete his assignments on time, which is a major improvement from the beginning of the year.   Although Alex may make poor choices sometimes, he is always honest about it and willing to correct his behavior. I’d like encourage Alex to keep up the good work for the remainder of the school year in order to be prepared for 6th grade!
Emonte M.
S howing enormous growth in his maturity.
T akes the time to shake the hands of people he meets
R responsibility for his actions and completing all his work.
E very day is viewed as a new day.
T akes pride in all his work.
C ompassionate to others feelings.
H oning his reading and math skills in the third marking period.

Sixth Grade

Jorge R.
jorgeJorge has grown tremendously in the last two years. He has increased his patience and is willing to try things even when presented as a challenge. He takes his work seriously and doesn’t like to settle for less than an A. His encounters with his peers have boosted his own self-esteem. He deserves SOM for March.

Nyasia F. 
nyasia This student always comes to school with a big, bright smile that lights up the room. What makes her so special is that she deeply cares about all the important things in her life.   She cares about her friends and family, she cares about understanding and completing her school work, and getting good grades.   She consistently demonstrates the motivation to learn and strives to do her best even when the work isn’t easy for her.  Every day she is caring to those around her and has compassion for those in need. Whenever someone is upset, she is always there to cheer them up.  I am very happy to name Nyasia as March’s student of the month.  I am so proud of her and all that she has accomplished. 

Seventh & Eighth Grade

Sincere V.
sincereSincere is one of the most empathic students in the seventh/eighth grade.  He is always concerned for others. He works hard for good grades and gets very disappointed if he doesn’t do well. He continuously asks teachers if they need help and loves to help the students in the younger grades with their work. We are so happy to have Sincere as March’s Student of the Month.