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New Beginnings Family Academy receives $11,000 per pupil from the State, which is roughly 20% less than received by Bridgeport Public Schools. In order to make up the funding gap, NBFA has a small development staff that works to close the annual gap through individual gifts, corporate and foundation grants and major events. This fundraising arm has been working since the inception of the school, to raise funds for not only the annual operating budget, but also for special projects like repairing the roof and constructing a Pre-K Program – the latter of which cost $1.6 million in privately raised funds. 

In addition to obtaining financial support, the development office facilitates volunteer management, coordinates in-kind donations, assists with recruitment efforts and works with the parent community to advocate statewide on behalf of their children.


Donate to New Beginnings Family Academy 
· $3,200 bridges the per pupil gap for one NBFA student 
· $2,500 provides literacy remediation for one student for an entire year 
· Any amount supports the general operating fund 

Become a monthly Sustainer Donor

Please join our special community of monthly givers, Sustainers, who play a key role in helping New Beginnings Family Academy thrive all year long.

Benefits of monthly giving:

  • Support program needs as they arise
  • Received periodic updates about school outcomes and events
  • Receive a single end-of-year summary of donation for tax purposes

The steady support of our Sustainers ensure that enrichment programs never get cut, the lights always stay on and we continue to provide a strong academic and emotionally responsive program.

To become a Sustainer, click here and choose the “monthly”* frequency option.

*All recurring gifts qualify as a Sustainer.

Join the movement 
· Serve on the NBFA board of directors 
· Advocate for NBFA and other quality schools of choice 
· Become a force in Connecticut’s education reform movement 

For more information, please contact the Development Office at 203-610-6267

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