Parents Say NO to a proposed charter school moratorium!

Parents Say NO to a proposed charter school moratorium!
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Ms. Christine Mulgrave-King, the mother of two New Beginnings Family Academy learners, spoke out AGAINST a proposed bill that would halt the growth of quality charter schools in Connecticut during a recent press conference.
The state Education Committee has proposed Senate Bill 1096, which calls for a 2-year moratorium on charter schools in the state. The bill would also prevent existing charters from serving more students, leaving thousands of hopeful children and their families on waiting lists. To date, there are more than 3,300 Connecticut students on charter school waitlists.
Flanked by public school parents from throughout the state, Ms. Mulgrave-King spoke against a bill would prevent others from choosing a school that best meets the needs of their child.
"At New Beginnings Family Academy, I’ve found the elements and values that I care about for my kids. My son began at New Beginnings in the 2nd grade and my daughter in 6th. My son was accepted after he had been wait-listed and his sister was accepted soon after. My children were one of the lucky ones that year," she said. "I am here today because Bridgeport needs to unite and work together to put success within reach for every child. We are asking the Education Committee to vote no on the charter moratorium and support public charter schools — schools that give families choices."
Parents Say NO to a proposed charter School